May 16, 2022

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Essential Items for Office Move Management Software

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Office moves can be overwhelming. Hundreds of moving pieces must be carted and loaded from one location to another – every day. You need to move all of the heavy material, but you also have to think about employees’ happiness, transitions, adjustment periods, organization, and so much else. Don t worry; we’ve made a handy list just for you to prepare to manage every aspect of your office move with ease. Simply print it off our website and take it with you on the move!

Do You Have To Tell Employees? Probably the essential part of a moving day is informing everyone. From the boss who has to give notice to your clerical workers, all employees must know. You will want to let them know what you will be doing to accommodate their schedules the day before. It would help if you also let them know the day before how long they will be away from the office.

What Needs To Be Done With The Trash? Your next step will be figuring out what to do with the trash accumulated during a move. This includes emptying containers and carts, clearing shelves, and throwing away expired supplies and materials. Before you empty trash cans or carts, ask yourself: is it safe to throw away items in these containers?

How Do I Prepare For Other Office Moves? Office moving companies are usually great resources when it comes to preparing for other office moves. Storage They typically have storage lockers that can be utilized during other moves and a variety of other items to help you through each of the phases of the relocation process.

What Is Needed Concerning Office Furniture? Your moving company should have specific guidelines regarding the amount of furniture you can take with you on the move. Still, at the very least, this should include all of the bare essentials such as computers, printers, fax machines, paper, binders, and more.

What Is Needed Concerning Packaging? When packing for an office move, it is essential to consider the environment you are packing. A reputable moving company will make every effort to minimize the use of any hazardous materials, such as chemical drums containing asbestos. If you are using these materials, it is also essential to make sure that you follow all safety requirements and regulations regarding removing these materials.

How Long Should I Leave My Current Space? You should plan on at least three to four days of preparation for most office moves before the actual move day. You will need plenty of time to pack and organize your current space, so leaving enough time to accomplish this task properly is essential.

How Do I Prepare For Office Moves? A few days before the move, it is a good idea to gather your entire staff to discuss the various tasks that need to be accomplished. These discussions should focus on going over all the job titles and functions, both office-side and at the actual job site. It is essential to discuss all job tasks with your employees and give them a brief description of the tasks for which they will be responsible. Proper floor plan implementation is a highly effective means of office moves, as employees can begin to feel prepared well ahead of time.

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